Every time you need less for spring, and soon you will change your winter wardrobe for the lighter clothes. If you’re thinking about that skirt that you like so much, but you have something tight, you’re still in time to show off. Today we bring you 5 exercises to eliminate cartridge belts that really work and will help you recover your figure.

Although each woman stores fats in different areas according to their metabolism, there are parts of the body that are genetically prepared to face a pregnancy. For this reason, during the fertile age, the woman usually accumulates these energy deposits in a triangle formed by trochanters (hips or cartridge belts), buttocks and thighs.

Pay attention to this routine of exercises to eliminate cartridge belts, designed for you to practice at home and without extra materials. It will only take you 5 minutes!

5 Consecutive Exercises for Each Leg:

  1. Lateral elevation of the leg
  2. Circles
  3. Swinging the leg
  4. Inclined lateral lift
  5. Touch elbow with knee

First perform all the exercises to eliminate cartridge belts with one leg and then change to the other. Let’s start by working right:

1.      Lateral elevation of the leg

01Lateral-elevation-of-the-legLie on your left side and rest your forearm on the ground. Let’s start! Lift the right leg until it is almost upright. Now lower it slowly, but do not lean it on the other leg or on the ground. Also pay attention to the toe you are lifting: you should look forward throughout the exercise. Do 30 repetitions and continue with the next instruction.

2.      Circles

02circleIn the same position, extend the leg forward and then up, and begin to circle in the air, slowly. Keep the posture and the torso straight. Focus your attention on the movement of the leg and do not support it. Count to 30 and go to the next exercise.

3.      Leg swinging

03Leg-swingingStill in the same position, place the right leg parallel to the left, without supporting it. Begin to swing from front to back and slowly. Do 30 repetitions and change your position to practice the next step.

4.      Inclined lateral elevation

Inclined-lateral-elevationForm a diagonal with the ground: lean on the left hand, on the left knee and on the right foot. Now extend the right leg and lift it 45º or until it is upright. Lower it slowly without supporting it and start again. The toe that you raise must face forward throughout the exercise. Do 30 repetitions and you have reached the last step with this leg. You already have it!

5.      Touching elbow with knee

Touching-elbow-with-kneeKeep the same position, but place the right hand on the nape of the neck and raise the hip as much as you can. Now flex the upper leg forward to try to touch the elbow, without separating the right hand from the head. Then extend the leg and stretch the torso. Repeat this movement 30 times, and change sides to work the other leg.

Next, lie on your right side and do the same exercises to eliminate cartridge belts, but this time work the left leg. You’re halfway there, do not give up!

Finally, remember that these exercises to eliminate cartridge belts will be much more effective if you accompany them with a healthy diet and cardiovascular exercise. It is recommended to practice it 2 to 3 times a week. Try to complete the cardiovascular sessions with the 5 exercises to eliminate cartridge belts or alternate with each other during the week to create a routine. Cheer up, summer is coming!


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