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One of the worst enemies of anyone who is striving to lose weight or stay at a correct weight is pecking between meals. Either because of hunger, anxiety, need for extra energy or for another reason. Chopping at times ruins many diets and weight loss programs. But if you know that eating between meals and doing it in a controlled and conscious way does not have to be an impediment to help you lose weight.

How to eat between meals without getting fat

As important as knowing what to eat between meals to lose weight is how to do it. These guidelines will help you to peck not be a problem but to approach the solution.

Do not get out of control

Eating between meals to avoid gaining weight requires doing it with control. It is one thing to snack between meals and another to spend the day eating. A mid-morning snack and a mid-afternoon snack should be enough. At the most, add a recipe if between dinner and bedtime you spend more than 4 hours.

If you tend to eat between meals, try to distribute the daily food intake in 5-6 takes. This way you will be eating what you owe and it will not tempt you to feed yourself outside the stipulated meals.

Do not eat anything

It’s not about pouncing on the first edible thing that gets in front of you. Or to throw yourself head to prepare that are a cluster of fats and sugars.

Be careful and always have adequate food at hand to satisfy your anxiety or your need for food in a healthy way. Avoid vending machines with snacks and sweets. Although the offer of healthy food is growing in this option, it is not yet usual. And do not let yourself be tempted into candy stores or fast food outlets.

Mince in moderation

No matter how healthy and suitable a food is, there is no reason to eat it in an excessive amount. Eat logical and moderate rations. Make sure that no food between hours exceeds 150-200K calories.

Eat when your body needs it

For example, after a physical exercise session. Or after a strong intellectual effort. In the first case your muscles will need to recover. In the second, your brain.

Avoid eating empty calories

Knowing that eating between meals to lose weight requires being clear about what foods with empty calories. So you can avoid them at all costs. Candies or alcoholic beverages are some of them. Try to avoid soda and choose water as a favorite drink between meals. Although it’s water with flavors. Yes, without added sugars.

Be creative by combining nutrients

On the one hand, it will help you feel better about yourself. It will give you the sensation of having eaten more and in a more complete way. At the same time, it will help you to contribute to your organism a greater variety of interesting nutrients.

What to eat between meals so as not to get fat

Hot drinks

They will help you fill your stomach giving you a feeling of fullness without heaviness. Infusions and unsweetened teas are a great idea. But so is a vegetable broth or defatted meat.

They are a good idea if what you need is something warm that comforts you. And practically do not contribute calories: a glass of broth does not reach 20KCalories and a black tea contains even less. That is why they are the foods that eat between meals to lose weight more recommended by all nutritionists.


Moderating amounts, nuts are a good food to eat between meals to lose weight. Seven almonds or six walnuts are an adequate amount. They will provide you with energy and interesting nutrients for your brain that will help you avoid the anxiety of eating.

Fresh fruit

It is a great option to snack between meals. Take it in pieces and not liquefied, to take advantage of its fiber and prevent its natural sugar from reacting as an added sugar.

Apples or tangerines are great to take away from home. If your problem is chopping at home, opt for combinations of various fruits. For example some strawberries with an orange half. Or some blueberries with pear. You will benefit from its nutrients with a greater feeling of enjoying an elaborate and complete dish.

Do not discard the banana. Although it is one of the most caloric fruits, a small piece is a good option after exercising. It will help you to restore the precise energy level and it is a perfect food to eat between meals to lose weight.

Low-fat yogurt or milk

They are great options even for the recipe, if they spend several hours between dinner and bedtime. Take advantage of its richness in calcium to improve your bones. They are also natural probiotics that will help you improve your digestion. A glass of 125ml is a good serving.

Flavored waters

If drinking only water is not something you want when you’re thinking about what to eat between meals to avoid getting fat, choose flavored waters. You can prepare them at home with citrus or fresh herbs such as mint. They are authentic zero calorie drinks that will satisfy your appetite in a very healthy way.

Dark chocolate

dark-chocolateOnly occasionally. One or two chocolate squares of at least 80% cocoa, better without sugar and always without additives such as caramel or nuts. Falling into temptation is the best way to get around it.

Elaborate cuisine

Prepare homemade toast and montaditos are a good option when you consider what to eat between meals to lose weight. Also skewers and tapas. As long as you check that they do not exceed 200 KCalories , of course. Eating something elaborate will help you feel better and avoid abusing the quantities. We give you some ideas.

  • A not very thick slice of whole wheat bread with a tomato wheel, a slice of smoked salmon and fresh dill.
  • A standard slice of cereal bread spread with a tablespoon of skimmed spread cheese and alfalfa sprouts and horseradish.
  • Half a dozen asparagus seasoned with grated carrot.
  • A can of mussels in the natural accompanied with 2 tablespoons of red and green pepper in cubes.

Knowing what to eat between meals to lose weight and how to do it, chopping will not be a problem for your weight goals. These tips will help you eat well between meals and not get fat.


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