Low back pain, lumbar sprain, turn of the kidney, barred back, does it ring a bell? Now that many people with back pain trust acupuncture, whether their difficulties are chronic or acute.

Indeed, treatments in an acupuncturist usually offer a quick relief of pain. Acupuncture has the advantage of being safe and without side effects.

In addition to the insertion of fine needles, this practitioner can also use various effective tools such as cupping, moxibustion or electrical stimulation.


With the aging of the population, it is of paramount importance to turn to effective and safe solutions for back pain. Solutions should ideally be drug-free, since people over the age of 65 often take multiple medications and the risk of side effects and drug interactions is high. A natural solution like acupuncture helps to avoid these side effects and besides being safe.


The acupuncturist uses mainly needles. It works by inserting thin sterile needles at various places on the body. The technique is not painful and usually causes a relaxation effect as a bonus.

Acupuncture is used for vertebral, joint and muscular problems. It can relieve pain in the neck, shoulders, back, ankles, menstrual pain, pain caused by the sciatic nerve (sciatica), etc.

Here is more about acupuncture and pain.

The Acupuncturist, a member of the Quebec Order of Acupuncturists, provides treatments that take into account the person as a whole. The patient thus regains a better general state of health and not just a relief of his pain.

Note that a physiotherapist is only allowed to place the needles only at the sites of pain. Thus, the treatments are not holistic and do not take into account all the other symptoms of the person.


The stimulation of acupuncture points made by an acupuncturist relieves pain, in different ways:

  • It works by stimulating the nerves in the muscles and other tissues, this has the effect of activating the release of endorphins. Endorphins are kind of anesthetic to naturally release through the body.
  • It acts as an anti-inflammatory, promoting and modulating the release of immunomodulatory factors and different substances such as CGRP and substance P, to name only these.
  • It works by increasing the local microcirculation, this has the effect of improving joint mobility, promoting healing of wounds and reducing swelling.

Acupuncture can relieve most muscle and bone diseases. Do not hesitate to consult to find a relief to your pains.


One of the most common problems in the elderly is degeneration of the joints, causing chronic pain. Thus, the use of analgesics is often the favored solution. However, this option may cause drug interactions or side effects in this population often already weakened by other medical conditions. Acupuncture proves to be an effective therapy for pain in general.


In 2012, a meta-analysis of pain treated with acupuncture was published. It included 28 studies totaling 18,000 patients. It aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of acupuncture in relieving back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, osteoarthritis and chronic headaches.

The researchers concluded that acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain. A significant difference between true acupuncture and false acupuncture (sham) indicates that acupuncture is more than a placebo.

To conclude, acupuncture can reduce the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Acupuncture treatments can be combined with other physical rehabilitation therapies to increase their effectiveness.



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